Practical food and beverage cost control pdf

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practical food and beverage cost control pdf

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Chapters in part one cover the key aspects to consider when designing a sensory QC program. This book is a practical guide for all those tasked with using sensory analysis for quality control QC of food and beverages.

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Food cost and control is the most important aspect of food and beverage operation in the hospitality industry that determines profit and loss in the business analysis daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Hayes, Lea R. Dopson and Wayne Gisslen , Hardcover at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Food and Beverage Cost Control book. This fully updated sixth edition of Food and Beverage Cost Control provides students and managers with a wealth of comprehensive resources and the specific tools they need to keep costs low and profit margins high.

The key to a successful restaurant, as anyone could probably tell you is good food, excellent service, and a great location. These factors contribute to high sales numbers. However, restaurants operate on tight margins. The sale of your restaurants must be enough to cover all your other expenses, plus generate you a decent profit. Thus arises a need for Food and Beverage Control in restaurants.

This detailed yet reader-friendly guide helps students and professionals alike understand and apply practical techniques to effectively manage food and beverage.

Practical Food and Beverage Cost Control [PDF Download] Full Ebook

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Shows you how to systematically analyze your operations and determine the best course of action. This book is designed to share successful cost management strategies and procedures with anyone who wishes to update or renew their cost control knowledge.

A Beginner’s Guide to Food and Beverage Control in Restaurants

Dopson,David K. Hayes, Jack E. Miller, , , Wiley, Provides a practical and applied approach to managing costs for foodservice managers andstudentsFor foodservice managers to control costs effectively, they must have a firm grasp ofaccounting, marketing, and legal issues, as well as food and beverage sanitation, production, andservice methods. This fully updated fourth edition of Food and Beverage Cost Control providesstudents and managers with a wealth of comprehensive resources and the specific tools they needto keep costs low and profit margins high. This new edition features the latest information onfoodservice cost control in a global setting, addressing relevant cultural, legal, and technologicalquestions. Highlights of this fourth edition include:A new look at international foodservice costcontrol in the age of globalization, with a special emphasis on using advanced technologiesinternationallyNew Leaders are Readers!

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Food and Beverage Cost Control (2nd Edition)


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