Building maintenance and repair pdf

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building maintenance and repair pdf

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Building Maintenance Guidebook

Use our handy equipment maintenance checklist below or download as a printable PDF. Bear in mind that paths, walls, structures and items within the 'curtilage' of listed buildings areFollow this spring maintenance checklist to ensure your home is in optimal condition for the rest of the year. File Format. Buildings are subject to routine maintenance checks to ensure the safety of the building occupants. No building is maintenance-free, soLooking for 32 maintenance checklist templates word pdf google docs? Dont panic , printable and downloadable free 32 maintenance checklist templates word pdf google docs we have created for you. These forms provide a quick and instant reference of the company and also make the office operations easier.

Types of Building Repair and Maintenance Services

Building maintenance refers to all tasks necessary for keeping a building functional and livable. A single building requires a skilled team of multiple people with different maintenance specialties in areas like electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. Without regular maintenance services, a building can quickly become an unfriendly environment for living and working, which is why maintenance technicians are invaluable. Typically, maintenance teams are broken up into different positions based on specific maintenance services. This structure usually looks something like:. Building maintenance is important because it ensures the safety and comfort of anyone who stay in a building, whether they live or work there. From a business standpoint, proper regular maintenance can save property owners money in the long run and contribute to increased property value.

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To assist property owners in arranging building maintenance works properly and to combat bid-rigging, the Home Affairs Department HAD has in recent years actively enhanced collaboration with other departments such as the Buildings Department, the Hong Kong Police Force and the Independent Commission Against Corruption and relevant organisations including the Urban Renewal Authority, the Hong Kong Housing Society and the relevant professional institutes , strengthened support for owners and launched extensive publicity and education. To enhance the support for owners of old buildings, we have launched BMPASS under which professional property management companies PMCs are engaged to provide owners of old buildings in particular those without any form of management in need with a range of free professional advice on building management and follow-up services. The services include assisting owners in forming owners' corporations OCs , assisting OCs in applying for building maintenance subsidies, and following up on building maintenance works and tendering matters, etc. OCs and owners may have disagreements and disputes on building management and maintenance works. To help owners and OCs resolve their disputes, the HAD also provides the following support services:. The Law Society of Hong Kong arranges for its members to offer professional advice to owners on interpretation of the provisions of the Building Management Ordinance and other relevant legal matters. The Hong Kong Mediation Centre or the Hong Kong Mediation Council arrange for accredited mediators to provide a maximum of 15 hours of free professional mediation services for the parties concerned to assist them in reaching a settlement for the disputes, saving the costs and time incurred in taking legal action and resolving disputes efficiently and effectively.

For large property owners, national standards set just some minimal requirements. Especially nonprofit landlords maintain and improve their stock in a regularly.

Building Maintenance Guidebook

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