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ask and it is given abraham hicks pdf

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Finally, New Year is here! What is your desire? From moment to moment, the answer may change.


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Ask and It Is Given

You can download this book in PDF format and read it on any device. We are called Abraham, and we are speaking to you from the Non Physical dimension. Of course, you must understand that you also have come forth from the Non-Physical dimension, so we are not so different from one another. Your physical world has come forth from the projection of the Non-Physical. In fact, you and your physical world are extensions of the Non-Physical Source Energy. In this Non-Physical realm, we do not use words, for we do not require language. We also do not have tongues with which to speak or ears with which to hear, although we do communicate perfectly with one another.

Jerry and Esther Hicks are as much in awe of their role in bringing these teachings to you as. I am in writing this Foreword for Abraham. I encourage you to read.

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Meditation: Sit in a quiet room, where comfortable clothing and focus on your breathing. As your mind wanders and it will, release the thought and focus upon your breathing. Meditate with someone, it will be more powerful. The sharing will elevate us both now.

If you have the ability to imagine it, or even to think about it, this Universe has the ability and the resources to deliver it fully unto you , for this Universe is like a well-stocked kitchen with every ingredient imaginable at your disposal. And within every particle of this Universe is that which is wanted and the lack of it. This perspective of abundance, and the lack of it, is the environment in which focus is possible-and focus activates the Law of Attraction. If you do not have the ability to know what you do want, you will not have the ability to know what you do not want.

Meditation: Sit in a quiet room, where comfortable clothing and focus on your breathing. As your mind wanders and it will, release the thought and focus upon your breathing.

pdf/epub Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires By Esther Hicks

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