Stochastic models in reliability and maintenance pdf

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stochastic models in reliability and maintenance pdf

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Selected stochastic models in reliability

The performance level of a multistate system MSS can vary among different values rather than only two states perfect functioning and complete failure. To improve the reliability of MSSs, a maintenance strategy has been adopted to satisfy customer demand, and reliability modeling of MSS with preventive maintenance and customer demand is proposed. According to the regular degradation and random failure at each state, based on the Markov random process, the proposed MSS with preventive maintenance can be modeled to satisfy the customer demand in a specific state. This model can also be adapted to compute other reliability indices. Based on this model, the effect of different preventive maintenance actions on the reliability indices can be analyzed and further compared.

Andersen, P. Bedford, T. Bertholon, H. Bunea, C. Cooke, R. Reliability Databases in Perspective. Dijoux, Y.

Reliability Theory and Models

Abstract — This study presents stochastic model for analysis of real industrial system model of a RO Membrane ROM used in water purification system. The system consists of a single unit of RO membrane which plays important role in water purification system. In this study, two repairmans regular and expert repairman is available. If regular repairman is able to repair the failed unit within fixed amount of time known as patience-Time then it is ok otherwise the expert repairman will be called. The failure time distributions fallows negative exponential while repair time distributions are general.

Mathematical and Stochastic Models for Reliability in Repairable Industrial Physical Assets

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Stochastic Models in Reliability and Maintenance

Reliability Modeling for Multistate System with Preventive Maintenance under Customer Demand

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The model and analysis of repairable equipments are of great importance, mainly in order to increase the performance oriented to reliability and maintenance as part of the cost reduction in this last item. A reparable system is defined as:. A system that, after failing to perform one or more of its functions satisfactorily, can be restored to fully satisfactory performance by any method other than replacement of the entire system. A system that, after failing in order to develop an activity properly, is possible to restore satisfactorily its functioning by some method. Depending on the type of maintenance given to an equipment, is possible to find 5 cases Veber et al.


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