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fce games and activities pdf

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Teaching online these days? Try out these 10 fun activities for using pictures. They work great with the screen sharing and breakout room functions in video conferencing platforms such as Zoom!

ESL icebreakers are a great way to accomplish this, as they get students moving, build confidence, and set the tone for class. Throughout the term, English students might be coming to class tired after a long day or groggy and sleepy-eyed, so you want to get them engaged and energetic, and it might take a little creative ice-breaking to do that! A good ESL icebreaker is, first and foremost, fun, meaning that it should appeal to your students.

10 Activities – Using Pictures in Zoom!

A photo with exercises to describe it - choose the correct option, fill the blanks, answer the questions. Set to landscape. If you haven't yet taught modals might etc.. Thirty-seven sentences for practicing the formation of adjectives. Key is included. Thank you!!!! Tips for FCE exam. Finish the Speaking test on a high note - impress the examiners by giving full answers to their questions. Start practicing here. All the grammar you need for FCE. Visit www. Focus on Reading and Use of English Part 4, key word transformation.

Browse, shop, and download a wide range of materials today. Is there a way to make our teenage students feel better about life and themselves? We can try with these 3 ideas for feel-good activities.

In this post, you can find extra ideas for activities concerning unreal past, wishes, and hypothetical meaning. The aim of this lesson is to discuss main features of successful TV series pilots using appropriate vocabulary.

Students practice their reading and listening skills, as well as speaking and writing. Students need to make a decision regarding four workplace dilemmas. A perfect fit for adult students, levels intermediate and above. Speed discussions speaking activity allows students to talk with different classmates and exchange opinions on a variety of topics.

Food waste lesson plan aims at raising awareness about food waste and engaging students in a discussion. Suitable for groups and individual students. Small talk lesson plan aims at familiarising the students with the concept of small talk and appropriate ways to overcome awkward situations in English.

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FCE Games & Activities

Name three board game is a great speaking activity to get to know each other better and to revise linking words to express reason. The activity can be easily adapted to different levels. I have been teaching for over 11 years now and my approach keeps changing as I grow older. Sometimes I go back to the things I used to do when I first started teaching, sometimes I become too attached to a certain methodology or a technique and struggle to let go of it, and sometimes I just trust my gut, tune into my students and let my intuition guide me. After finishing my Delta I became fiercely attached to accomplishing all the lesson objectives, ticking things off the list, and often I think, to the detriment of my students. It resulted in me emotionally withdrawing from my classes, as I thought my priority was to diligently go through all the points in the lesson plan and not disappoint anyone I am thinking of an imaginary tutor watching my every step. I was trying to comply, to be formal and as a result came across as detached and hard to reach.

If you find anything useful here and want more, please support TEFLtastic. FCE first classes page. FCE exam and self-study tips speculating practice. FCE Use of English games, worksheets and teaching tips page. FCE Speaking games, worksheets, videos and teaching tips page with around 30 relevant resources. Objective First page. Hello all, great resources!

Interactive Version - Here is a free jobs vocabulary interactive worksheet to help students learn the names of jobs and how to spell them. Interactive Version - In this free job preferences breakout room activity, students talk about their preferences for various work activities and then choose a job for a partner based on their likes and dislikes. Interactive Version - In this jobs discussion breakout room activity, students associate jobs to statements and then talk about their answers in groups and collectively decide on one answer for each statement. Past Simple Present Perfect Continuous. Essay Writing Punctuation. Paragraph Writing.

13 Easy ESL Icebreakers to Get Your Students Talking

Three games to liven up exam class practice for the open cloze exam tasks, and to make sure students really know their way around the exam. Three games to liven up exam classes. Practice for the open cloze exam task. The games can be used to make up a whole class or as warmers or fillers. To practise the passive form by converting imperative instructions to passive descriptions, followed by free practice of the passive.

Look below to find the perfect class for you. The lesson plan below shows how you can adapt a textbook or exam based listening activity. The focus is on exploiting the students' own knowledge, and the language in the text, by spending more time examining the language before and

Phone or email. Don't remember me. Rustam Sattarov. All posts It also offers excellent preparation for FCE any other examinations at the same level.

FCE Speaking Activities

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FCE Games Activities

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