Nuclear and particle physics wsc williams pdf

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nuclear and particle physics wsc williams pdf

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Methodology and Assessment The course consists of 30 lectures supplemented by 3 lecture periods for coursework problems and other matters as they arise. The approximate assignment of lectures to each is shown in brackets. Basic Ideas 3 History; the standard model; relativity and antiparticles; particle reactions; Feynman diagrams; particle exchange — range of forces; Yukawa potential; the scattering amplitude; cross-sections; unstable particles; units: length, mass and energy 2. Nuclear Phenomenology 4 Notation; mass and binding energies; nuclear forces; shapes and sizes; liquid drop model: semi-empirical mass formula; nuclear stability; b —decay: phenomenology; a —decay; fission; g -decay 3. Leptons, Quarks and Hadrons 4 Lepton multiplets; lepton numbers; neutrinos; neutrino mixing and oscillations; universal lepton interactions; numbers of neutrinos; evidence for quarks; properties of quarks; quark numbers; hadrons; flavour independence and hadron multiplets. Experimental Methods 5 Overview; accelerators; beams; particle interactions with matter short-range interactions with nuclei, ionisation energy losses, radiation energy losses, interactions of photons in matter ; particle detectors time resolution: scintillation counters, measurement of position, measurement of momentum, particle identification, energy measurements: calorimeters, layered detectors 5.


William S. C Williams Published in in Oxford by Clarendon press. The parent text, Nuclear and Particle Physics, deals with nuclear and particle physics at an introductory level. The first part of the text covers nuclear properties, decay, structure and reactions Reference details. Open print view.

W S C Williams,. Nuclear and Particle Physics. Recommended text. Povh, Rith, Scholz and Zetsche. Particles and Nuclei. (a few copies on reserve in Physics.

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Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements. Nuclear book - Fulvio Frisone. Volume 36, Annual Review of Nuclear and.

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Nuclear And Particle Physics Williams Pdf

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