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ts eliot prufrock and other observations pdf

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T.S. Eliot

Louis, Missouri , U. Eliot exercised a strong influence on Anglo-American culture from the s until late in the century. His experiments in diction , style, and versification revitalized English poetry, and in a series of critical essays he shattered old orthodoxies and erected new ones.

The publication of Four Quartets led to his recognition as the greatest living English poet and man of letters, and in he was awarded both the Order of Merit and the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Eliot attended Smith Academy, St. Louis, and Milton Academy, Massachusetts. He received a B. He spent the year —11 in France at the Sorbonne and then returned to Harvard. By he had finished a dissertation, but he never took the final oral examination for the Ph. Eliot was an American-English poet, playwright, literary critic, and editor.

Eliot was descended from a distinguished New England family that had relocated to St. Louis, Missouri. From Smith Academy in St. The men who influenced him at Harvard were George Santayana , the philosopher and poet, and the critic Irving Babbitt. From Babbitt he derived an anti-Romantic attitude that, amplified by his later reading of British philosophers F. Bradley and T. Hulme , lasted through his life.

In the academic year —10 he was an assistant in philosophy at Harvard. From to he was back at Harvard, reading Indian philosophy and studying Sanskrit. In Eliot met and began a close association with the American poet Ezra Pound. Eliot was to pursue four careers: editor, dramatist, literary critic, and philosophical poet.

He was probably the most erudite poet of his time in the English language. It represented a break with the immediate past as radical as that of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsworth in Lyrical Ballads The significance of the revolution is still disputed, but the striking similarity to the Romantic revolution of Coleridge and Wordsworth is obvious: Eliot and Pound, like their 18th-century counterparts, set about reforming poetic diction. Meanwhile, he was also a prolific reviewer and essayist in both literary criticism and technical philosophy.

With the publication in of his poem The Waste Land , Eliot won an international reputation. The Waste Land expresses with great power the disenchantment, disillusionment, and disgust of the period after World War I.

In a series of vignettes , loosely linked by the legend of the search for the Grail , it portrays a sterile world of panicky fears and barren lusts, and of human beings waiting for some sign or promise of redemption. This scholarly supplement distracted some readers and critics from perceiving the true originality of the poem, which lay rather in its rendering of the universal human predicament of man desiring salvation , and in its manipulation of language, than in its range of literary references.

In his earlier poems Eliot had shown himself to be a master of the poetic phrase. The Waste Land showed him to be, in addition, a metrist of great virtuosity, capable of astonishing modulations ranging from the sublime to the conversational.

But The Waste Land is not a simple contrast of the heroic past with the degraded present; it is, rather, a timeless simultaneous awareness of moral grandeur and moral evil. The poet writing in English may therefore make his own tradition by using materials from any past period, in any language. In these essays he effects a new historical perspective on the hierarchy of English poetry, putting at the top Donne and other Metaphysical poets of the 17th century and lowering poets of the 18th and 19th centuries.

This change seems to him to consist in a loss of the union of thought and feeling. The phrase has been attacked, yet the historical fact that gave rise to it cannot be denied, and with the poetry of Eliot and Pound it had a strong influence in reviving interest in certain 17th-century poets. Shortly before this his interests had broadened into theology and sociology; three short books, or long essays, were the result: Thoughts After Lambeth , The Idea of a Christian Society , and Notes Towards the Definition of Culture These book-essays, along with his Dante , an indubitable masterpiece, broadened the base of literature into theology and philosophy: whether a work is poetry must be decided by literary standards; whether it is great poetry must be decided by standards higher than the literary.

The great essay on Dante appeared two years after Eliot was confirmed in the Church of England ; in that year he also became a British subject. The first long poem after his conversion was Ash Wednesday , a religious meditation in a style entirely different from that of any of the earlier poems.

Ash Wednesday expresses the pangs and the strain involved in the acceptance of religious belief and religious discipline. This and subsequent poems were written in a more relaxed, musical, and meditative style than his earlier works, in which the dramatic element had been stronger than the lyrical.

Ash Wednesday was not well received in an era that held that poetry, though autonomous , is strictly secular in its outlook; it was misinterpreted by some critics as an expression of personal disillusion. Article Contents. Eliot American-English poet, playwright, and literary critic.

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T. S. Eliot

It is an examination of the tortured psyche of the prototypical modern man—overeducated, eloquent, neurotic, and emotionally stilted. Dramatic monologues are similar to soliloquies in plays. Three things characterize the dramatic monologue, according to M. First, they are the utterances of a specific individual not the poet at a specific moment in time. In the world Prufrock describes, though, no such sympathetic figure exists, and he must, therefore, be content with silent reflection. The rhyme scheme of this poem is irregular but not random. The bits and pieces of rhyme become much more apparent when the poem is read aloud.

Eliot, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, is one of the giants of modern literature, highly distinguished as a poet, literary critic, dramatist, and editor and publisher. In these college poems, Eliot articulated distinctly modern themes in forms that were both a striking development of and a marked departure from those of 19th-century poetry. While the origins of The Waste Land are in part personal, the voices projected are universal. Eliot later denied that he had large cultural problems in mind, but, nevertheless, in The Waste Land he diagnosed the malaise of his generation and indeed of Western civilization in the 20th century. In he published his next major poem, Ash-Wednesday, written after his conversion to Anglo-Catholicism.

The Waste Land, Prufrock and Other Observations : Poems by T. S. Eliot (Hardcover)

Louis, Missouri , U. Eliot exercised a strong influence on Anglo-American culture from the s until late in the century. His experiments in diction , style, and versification revitalized English poetry, and in a series of critical essays he shattered old orthodoxies and erected new ones. The publication of Four Quartets led to his recognition as the greatest living English poet and man of letters, and in he was awarded both the Order of Merit and the Nobel Prize for Literature. Eliot attended Smith Academy, St.

Eliot between and , when Eliot was in his early 20s. They were later collected in Eliot's debut Prufrock and Other Observations in Broadly speaking, "Preludes" is about the drudgery, waste, and isolation of modern urban life. The unnamed city in which the poem is set is a grimy, dingy place, in which people unthinkingly partake in monotonous daily routines. The winter evening settles down With smell of steaks in passageways.

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Cover of the collection of T.

T. S. Eliot 1888–1965

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