Solution architect interview questions and answers pdf

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solution architect interview questions and answers pdf

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Solutions Architect Interview Questions

How to secure your data for transport in the cloud? Answer: Ensure that no one can intercept the data as it moves from point A to point B in the cloud and also checks that there are no data leaks with the encryption key from any storage in the cloud. In addition, you can ensure the security of older data that remains with a cloud vendor after you have no use for it.

What is S3? What is it used for? Should encryption be used in S3? Answer : According to Amazon, S3 is storage for the Internet. Amazon S3 provides a simple web service interface which you can use to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. Using this web service, developers can easily build applications that make use of Internet storage. Encryption should be considered for sensitive data, as S3 is a proprietary technology developed by Amazon themselves, and yet to be proven from a security standpoint.

Answer : OpsWorks and CloudFormation both support application modeling, deployment, configuration, management, and related activities. Both support a wide variety of architectural patterns, from simple web applications to highly complex applications.

It provides foundational capabilities for the full breadth of AWS, without prescribing a particular model for development and operations. Customers define templates and use them to provision and manage AWS resources, operating systems and application code. In contrast, AWS OpsWorks is a higher level service that focuses on providing highly productive and reliable DevOps experiences for IT administrators and ops-minded developers.

To do this, AWS OpsWorks employs a configuration management model based on concepts such as stacks and layers and provides integrated experiences for key activities like deployment, monitoring, auto-scaling, and automation. Explain what is AMI? You can launch instances from as many different AMIs as you need. What is the Amazon EC2 service? It is designed to make web-scale cloud computing easier for developers. How is buffer used in Amazon web services?

Answer: Buffer is used to making the system more resilient to burst of traffic or load by synchronizing different components. The components always receive and process the requests in an unbalanced way. Buffer keeps the balance between different components and makes them work at the same speed to provide faster services. How to use the processor state control feature available on the c4. Answer: The processor state control consists of 2 states:.

The C state — Sleep state varying from c0 to c6. C6 being the deepest sleep state for a processor The P state — Performance state p0 being the highest and p15 being the lowest possible frequency. Now, why the C state and P state. Processors have cores, these cores need thermal headroom to boost their performance.

Now since all the cores are on the processor the temperature should be kept at an optimal state so that all the cores can perform at the highest performance. Answer: A Classic Load Balancer is ideal for simple load balancing of traffic across multiple EC2 instances, while an Application Load Balancer is ideal for microservices or container-based architectures where there is a need to route traffic to multiple services or load balance across multiple ports on the same EC2 instance.

Which option exists to accelerate the performance of a web application? Describe how to improve the performance of web applications by allowing you to retrieve information from a fast, managed, in-memory system, instead of relying entirely on slower disk-based databases. AWS offers a service called Amazon Elastic Cache, it can not only improve load and response time to user actions and queries but also reduce the cost associated with scaling web applications.

What is the function of the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud? Answer: Amazon Elastic compute cloud also known as Amazon EC2 is an Amazon web service that provides scalable resources and makes the computing easier for developers. The main functions of Amazon EC2 are:. How to deliver content faster? Answer: Describe in detail the service like Amazon CloudFront which is a content delivery web service. It integrates with other AWS services to give developers and businesses an easy way to distribute content to end-users with low latency, high data transfer speeds, and no minimum usage commitments.

What are the different deployment models for Cloud? How to enable an automatic scaling solution according to the user demand? Remember that Auto Scaling allows you to scale your Amazon EC2 capacity up or down automatically according to conditions you define, and it is particularly well suited for applications that experience hourly, daily, or weekly variability in usage. Describe how to create a launch configuration, an auto-scaling group including common limits and how to monitor it using Cloudwatch and how to establish automatic alerts and actions.

What is the use of Amazon ElastiCache? Answer : Amazon ElastiCache is a web service that makes it easy to deploy, operate, and scale an in-memory data store or cache in the cloud. What are the managed database services provided by AWS? It is a web service that makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud. It provides cost-efficient and resizable capacity while managing time-consuming database management tasks, allowing you to focus on your applications and business.

What is the relation between Instance and AMI? Answer : An Amazon Machine Image AMI is a template that contains a software configuration for example, an operating system, an application server, and applications. You can launch different types of instances from a single AMI.

An instance type determines the hardware of the host computer used for your instance. Each instance type offers different compute and memory capabilities.

Explain how the buffer is used in Amazon web services? Answer: The buffer is used to make the system more robust to manage traffic or load by synchronizing different component.

What is an EC2 instance? How to protect and reuse it? Answer: Explain that EC2 is a web service that provides resizable computing capacity in the cloud. What kind of instances does AWS offer?

Answer: Describe all EC2 instance types. Each EC2 instance type comprises varying combinations of CPU, memory, storage, and networking capacity giving you the flexibility to choose the appropriate mix of resources for your applications. Answer : Primary private IP address is attached with the instance throughout its lifetime and cannot be changed, however secondary private addresses can be unassigned, assigned or moved between interfaces or instances at any point.

Which AWS services are offered for business intelligence? Answer: Describe each AWS related service, highlight Amazon Redshift as a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse solution that makes it simple and cost-effective to efficiently analyze all your data using your existing business intelligence tools.

From the end-user analytic point of view, there exists a service named Amazon QuickSight which is a very fast, easy-to-use, and cloud-powered business intelligence BI service. It makes it easy for all employees within an organization to build visualizations, perform ad-hoc analysis, and quickly get business insights from their data.

Amazon QuickSight integrates automatically with AWS data services, enables organizations to scale to hundreds of thousands of users, and delivers fast and responsive query performance to them via the SPICE engine. What happens if CloudTrail is turned on for my account but my Amazon S3 bucket is not configured with the correct policy?

Answer: CloudTrail files are delivered according to S3 bucket policies. If the bucket is not configured or is misconfigured, CloudTrail might not be able to deliver the log files. Mention what is the relation between an instance and AMI? Answer: From a single AMI, you can launch multiple types of instances.

An instance type defines the hardware of the host computer used for your instance. Each instance type provides different compute and memory capabilities.

Once you launch an instance, it looks like a traditional host, and we can interact with it as we would with any computer. While AWS manages the security of the cloud, security in the cloud is the responsibility of the customer.

Customers retain control of the security they choose to implement to protect their own content, platform, applications, systems, and networks, no differently than they would have for the applications in an on-site datacenter. What are storage options provided by AWS? Refer depending on scenario what is the best storage option. How do you choose an Availability Zone? So, with reference to the above figure the regions to choose between are, Mumbai and North Virginia.

Now let us first compare the pricing, you have hourly prices, which can be converted to your per month figure. Here North Virginia emerges as a winner. But, pricing cannot be the only parameter to consider.

Latency basically is the time that a server takes to respond to your requests i. North Virginia wins again! What are the best practices for Security in Amazon EC2? Answer: There are several best practices to secure Amazon EC2. A few of them are given below:. How can you speed up data transfer in Snowball? Answer: The data transfer can be increased in the following way:.

How to create your own resources into the AWS Cloud? You have complete control over your virtual networking environment, including the selection of your own IP address range, the creation of subnets, and the configuration of route tables and network gateways. What does an AMI include? Answer: An AMI includes the following things A template for the root volume for the instance Launch permissions decide which AWS accounts can avail the AMI to launch instances A block device mapping that determines the volumes to attach to the instance when it is launched.

What automation tools can you use to spin up servers? Answer: Any of the following tools can be used:.

Aws Soluction Architect Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

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Top AWS Solutions Architect Interview Questions and Answers in 2021

Solutions architects are professionals who are responsible for solving certain business problems and completing projects. Businesses today rely on the expertise of solutions architects to recommend and manage hardware and software systems that are central to operations. For this reason, people with technical acumen and development skills may look into becoming a solution architect.

I put some questions to a top Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions Architect because it is hard to know where to start with a platform as big as Microsoft Azure. Many solutions architects work with cloud platform technology. Learn All courses. Top AWS Solutions Architect Job Interview Questions and Answers By Shardul Prakash Mohite Last updated on Nov 23, Cloud computing is quickly becoming the norm among enterprises that want more flexibility, greater efficiencies, lower costs, and improved disaster recovery—to name only a few of the benefits. How can you protect against an injection attack?

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Interview Questions for Solution Architects:

How to secure your data for transport in the cloud? Answer: Ensure that no one can intercept the data as it moves from point A to point B in the cloud and also checks that there are no data leaks with the encryption key from any storage in the cloud. In addition, you can ensure the security of older data that remains with a cloud vendor after you have no use for it. What is S3? What is it used for?

Cloud computing is quickly becoming the norm among enterprises that want more flexibility, greater efficiencies, lower costs, and improved disaster recovery—to name only a few of the benefits. Cloud computing providers are there to make the migrations happen, leading to stiff competition in the cloud-computing space. As typically happens in a rapidly expanding market with high demand, several leaders rose to prominence right away: Amazon Web Services AWS , Microsoft, and Google. Be ready to show your understanding of the key concepts, as well as the latest trends and best practices for working with the AWS architecture with some frequently asked AWS Solutions Architect interview questions. EC2 is short for Elastic Compute Cloud, and it provides scalable computing capacity. Using Amazon EC2 eliminates the need to invest in hardware, leading to faster development and deployment of applications.

We have compiled top 20 IT Solutions Architect interview questions that might be asked in an interview to test various aspects of skills, with tips and a sample answer for each of them. Solution architecture bridges gaps between technology solutions and business problems. Here, the interviewer will assess if you understand the roles of solution architects. Tip 1: Describe various roles performed by a solution architect. The architect carries out an evaluation of system architecture and collaborates with IT development and project management teams to enhance the architecture.

45 Solution Architect Interview Questions (ANSWERED) For Senior Tech Interview


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