Production of trichoderma cellulase in laboratory and pilot scale pdf

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production of trichoderma cellulase in laboratory and pilot scale pdf

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US8093019B2 - Method for cellulase production - Google Patents

The production of cellulase and xylanase was investigated with a newly isolated strain of Trichoderma viride BT The medium composition was optimized on a shake-flask scale using the Graeco-Latin square technique. The temperature and time for optimal growth and production of the enzymes in shake cultures were optimized using a central composite design. Among different carbon sources tested, the maximum enzyme activities were produced with sulphite pulp and all three enzymes were produced irrespective of the carbon sources used. The pH and temperature optima as well as pH and temperature stabilities of T. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve.

Enzymatic hydrolysis at high solids loading has the potential to reduce both capital and operational expenditures. The role of critical factors, that is, inhibitors, enzyme—lignin binding, and viscosity, was investigated during the course of hydrolysis in the batch and fed-batch approaches. This study suggests a sustainable approach for improved hydrolysis at high solids loadings by fine-tuning a simple process. Global energy demand is increasing with an average growth rate of 1. Bioethanol from lignocellulosic biomass LB plays a critical role in meeting this energy demand as a renewable and sustainable source of energy Agrawal et al. One of the primary challenges in producing second-generation biofuels is the recalcitrant nature of the LB, chiefly imposed by the complex lignin-carbohydrate linkages LCCs. The LCCs enhance the integrity and rigidity of the plant cell wall, yielding a complex macromolecular assembly and rendering the recalcitrance for biorefining Li et al.

Improved Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Pilot Scale Pretreated Rice Straw at High Total Solids Loading

T was achieved by UV light in a laminar air flow and UV crosslinker to increase cellulase activity. Thirty-four mutants were tested for their growth capacity in mineral agar with several carbon sources: Whatman filter paper no. Three mutants UV The highest cellulase activities were 0. Keywords : Trichoderma sp. T, mutations, UV light, carbon source, cellulase activity. Mutagenesis isolat lokal kapang Trichoderma sp.

A description is given of the solid-state fermentation of wheat bran by Trichoderma reesei QM at constant temperature and relative humidity. A C balance was set up between CO 2 production, based on CPR measurements, CO 2 production as expected on the basis of substrate composition changes and substrate elemental composition in combination with dry-matter weight loss. Glucosamine was used as the measure of biomass. The results indicate that the glucosamine content of fungi in liquid culture cannot be used to estimate the biomass content in solid-state fermentations. Using glucosamine, correlations between fungal growth and respiration kinetics could only partly be described with the linear-growth model of Pirt. The activities of xylanase and protease are linearly related to the glucosamine level. No clear correlations between glucosamine and carboxylmethylcellulose-hydrolysing enzyme activity and amylase activity were found.

The production of fungal metabolites and conidia at an industrial scale requires an adequate yield at relatively low cost. To this end, many factors are examined and the design of the bioreactor to be used for the selected product takes a predominant place in the analysis. One approach to addressing the issue is to integrate the scaling-up procedure according to the biological characteristics of the microorganism considered, i. Indeed, the scaling-up procedure is considered as one of the major bottlenecks in fermentation technology, mainly due to the near impossibility of reproducing the ideal conditions obtained in small reactors designed for research purposes when transposing them to a much larger production scale. The present review seeks to make the point regarding the bioreactor design and its implementation for cultivation of filamentous fungi and the production of fungal metabolites according to different developmental stages of fungi of industrial interest. Solid-state semi-solid , submerged, fermentation and biofilm reactors are analyzed. The different bioreactor designs used for these three processes are also described at the technological level.

On average, mg of cellulase protein is formed per gram of metabolized carbon source, the enzyme has a specific activity of about 0·5 to 1·0 filter paper units per mg protein. On an industrial scale, Trichoderma cellulases are produced by solid state as well as by submersed fermentation.


Metrics details. On-site cellulase production using locally available lignocellulosic biomass LCB is essential for cost-effective production of 2 nd -generation biofuels. Cellulolytic enzymes cellulases and hemicellulases must be produced in fed-batch mode in order to obtain high productivity and yield. To date, the impact of the sugar composition of LCB hydrolysates on cellulolytic enzyme secretion has not been thoroughly investigated in industrial conditions. The effect of sugar mixtures glucose, xylose, inducer on the secretion of cellulolytic enzymes by a glucose-derepressed and cellulase-hyperproducing mutant strain of Trichoderma reesei strain CL was studied using a small-scale protocol representative of the industrial conditions.

Multivariable parameter optimization for the endoglucanase production by Trichoderma reesei Rut C30 from Ocimum gratissimum seed. The aim of this study was to evaluate the interaction effects of the physico-chemical parameters on the endoglucanase CMCase production by Trichoderma reesei Rut C30 on a cellulosic agro-residue by the solid-state fermentation SSF and to determine their optimum values by the EVOP factorial design technique. Cellulases have attracted much interest because of the diversity of their application.

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