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Dear St. James Parishioners,

We are pleased to announce that the St. James Parish Survey is now available for your review! The survey results are extensive -- over 200 pages. The results include both answers to the 50 survey questions, and all of the comments submitted in the survey -- literally thousands of parishioners' intense and heartfelt observations about life at St. James. It is the combination of these two survey components that fully describe the current state of our church.

Click here for a copy of the St. James Survey Summary that provides quick highlights of the key findings. You are also encouraged to go to the full survey results online, where you can have an in-depth review and understanding of the results. This is available here*. The password is "SJECBR" (note ALL CAPS). A few printed copies of the full survey are in the church office and are available for your onsite review.

The survey results indicate a deep and long lasting love of St. James on the part of the congregation and many other positive observations. We also have identified many areas that need our attention to better meet our parishioners' needs and grow the parish, including the need to build Christian education programs for both adults and youth that are robust, continuous, and, most of all, effective. Other areas needing attention include the challenge to grow membership and church attendance and to find more effective ways to welcome and integrate new members.

The survey responses also indicate that there is a lack of sense of unity at St. James, perhaps reflective of past social activism and/or perceived political involvement on the part of St. James. We, your Senior Warden and Rector, jointly commit to lead St. James in creating a sense of unity as we go forward. This is essential to our future and we know there is much we can do to worship and improve our community.

A Planning Workshop will be held this weekend for the vestry, clergy, Task Force leaders, and Strategic Planning Committee to begin looking at the future of St. James based on survey findings and the research of our task forces. Our workshop objective is to create a foundational vision document and expand that to a draft strategic plan with clear goals and specific objectives. Our consultant, Reb Scarborough, will be facilitating this process for us. The draft plan will be shared with the full congregation at Town Hall meetings on May 17 and May 20, 2015.

This is an exciting and promising time in our church life, and we ask your prayers as we develop a plan to grow our Christian community.


Lee Griffin Mark Holland+
Lee Griffin
Senior Warden
The Very Rev. J. Mark Holland




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